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PARTICIPATING ARTISTS in Beijing International Art Exhibition 2018

Erion Cha是一位出生于1980年的韩国艺术家。她曾在美国旧金山艺术学院学习美术。 Erion Cha成功地在世界各地展出了她的作品。她成功地开发了Seurat大师的点彩派风格的油画作品

Ana Carolina Moreno是委内瑞拉艺术家和建筑师,出生于1970年。她在美国学习美术,并成功地在亚洲,欧洲和美国展出她的混合媒体作品。安娜在画布上表达了作为鱼塘的生活隐喻。她在艺术作品中使用颜色和纹理的平衡来创造和平和谐的艺术作品

Alejandro Szilagyi是来自委内瑞拉的当代艺术家,曾在德国学习艺术。他于1955年出生于委内瑞拉,目前居住在哥伦比亚。他以木材和金属为主,始终以自然为主题。他成功地在美国,欧洲和拉丁美洲展出了他的作品

Carlos Tirado是一位1964年出生于委内瑞拉的当代艺术家。为了将他的作品国际化,他搬到了美国。从那时起,他开始参加亚洲和欧洲的展览会,双年展和展览,在那里他的作品被其抽象运动中的温暖和表达所认可。

Short Biographies 2018 BEIJING International Art Expo Participating Artists

CHA, Erion
Erion Cha is a Korean artist born in 1980. She studied fine arts in US at the San Francisco Art Institute. Erion Cha had successfully exhibited her artworks all over the world. She has successfully developed oil artworks in the pointillism style of the master Seurat

MORENO, Ana Carolina
Ana Carolina Moreno is a Venezuelan Artist and architect born in 1970. She studied fine art in the United States and has successfully exhibited her mixed media artworks in Asia, Europe and US. Ana expresses on canvas a metaphor of life as a fish pond. She uses the balance in color and textures in her artwork to create peaceful and harmonic art pieces

SZILAGYI, Alejandro
Alejandro Szilagyi is a contemporary artist from Venezuela who studied art in Germany. He was born in 1955 in Venezuela and currently lives in Colombia. He works on wood and metals always using the nature as his main theme. He has successfully exhibited his artworks in United States, Europe and Latin America.

TIRADO, Carlos
Carlos Tirado is a contemporary artist born in Venezuela in 1964. Seeking to internationalize his work, he moved to the US. Since then he began to participate in fairs, biennials and exhibitions in Asia and Europe, where his work has been recognized by the warmth and expression in its abstract movements.

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