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Teresa Cabello is a Venezuelan artist/ architect born in Venezuela in 1959. She studied art in Venezuela and her muse are the water and the ocean. Her series of swimmers are unique hand-made sculptures in resin or bronze representing a school fish in human figures. The color of each figure shows the wealth in humanity when peacefully mixed in nature.

MORENO, Ana Carolina
Ana Carolina Moreno is a Venezuelan Artist and architect born in 1970. She studied fine art in the United States and has successfully exhibited her mixed media artworks in Asia, Europe and US. Ana expresses on canvas a metaphor of life as a fish pond. She uses the balance in color and textures in her artwork to create peaceful and harmonic art pieces

Gustavo Fernandez is a talented contemporary artist born in Venezuela in 1973. He is an established modern artist who has a unique style in representing freedom in art. Fernandez does not see the canvas as a limit and express the power of and nature through explosions of colors and figures that emerge form the canvas. he has successfully exhibit his work in America, Asia & Europe.

Eduardo Sanabria, was born in Venezuela, in 1970. He attended illustration courses, graphic design workshops and comics conventions in North & South America. He has successfully participated in many exhibitions in Caracas, Milan, Seoul, China, Monaco and Miami. His pop art illustrations of famous personalities are unique in his style.

SZILAGYI, Alejandro
Alejandro Szilagyi is a contemporary artist from Venezuela who studied art in Germany. He was born in 1955 in Venezuela and currently lives in Colombia. He works on wood and metals always using the nature as his main theme. He has successfully exhibited his artworks in United States, Europe and Latin America.

TIRADO, Carlos
Carlos Tirado is a contemporary artist born in Venezuela in 1964.Carlos was seeking to internationalize his work, and moved to the United States. Since then he began to participate in fairs, biennials and exhibitions in Asia and Europe, where his work has been recognized by the warmth and expression in its abstract movements. Hi work is well-known by collectors all over Asia.

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