ART CENTER MIAMI - Promote & Support artists from all over the world
Art Center Miami
brings regular art exhibitions abroad to international
fine art fairs and recognized art centers.
It promotes contemporary artists all over the world as an INTERCULTURAL EXCHANGE AMONG NATIONS
Established since 2007 in Miami - Florida as an
educational center,  it has travelled the world
until now with talented contemporary artists 

Art Center Miami will participate again  in Korea at
SOAF 2016 with the contemporary artists:
Ana Carolina Moreno, Carlos Tirado, David Yeghaneh, 
Eduardo Sanabria EDO, Erion Cha, Mai Yap, Park Hyeon-Joo
Guest artist: JACLYN  BAE

ART CENTER MIAMI Artists at Seoul Open Art Fair 
SOAF 2016

CHA, Erion
Erion Cha is a Korean artist born in 1980. She studied fine arts in US at the San Francisco Art Institute. Erion Cha had successfully exhibit her artworks all over the world. She has successfully developed sculptures based in the pointillism style of the master Seurat

MORENO, Ana Carolina
Ana Carolina Moreno is a Venezuelan Artist and architect born in 1970. She studied fine art in the United States and has successfully exhibited her mixed media artworks in Asia, Europe and US. Ana expresses on canvas a metaphor of life as a fish pond. She uses the balance in color and textures in her artwork to create peaceful and harmonic art pieces

PARK, Hyeon Joo
Park Hyeon-Joo is a talented contemporary artist from Korea. She studied art in Korea and has exhibited from 1988 to 2016 in numerous exhibition in galleries and fine art fairs. She manages to have complete harmony in her mixed media pieces and masters the use of color to present balance in her work. Her artworks had been successfully exhibited in Asia, Europe and United States

Eduardo Sanabria, was born in Venezuela, in 1970. He attended illustration courses, graphic design workshops and comics conventions in North & South America. He has successfully participated in many exhibitions in Caracas, Milan, Seoul, China, Monaco and Miami

TIRADO, Carlos
Carlos Tirado is a contemporary artist born in 1964. Seeking to internationalize his work, he moved to the US 15 years ago. Since then he began to participate in fairs, biennials and exhibitions in Asia and Europe, where his work has been recognized by the warmth and expression in its abstract movements

YAP, Mai
Born in Panama of Chinese parents, Mai Yap has been able to magically blend East and West on canvas. Ms. Yap holds a B.A. in Journalism and Graphic Design from the University of Georgia.  Her work has been exhibited in galleries and art centers in US, Latin America and Europe

David Yeghaneh is a French painter born in 1964 .  He is formerly a scholar of political science and started his very successful career as an artist in Seoul Korea where he lives. He has successfully exhibited his abstract work all over the world
Our guest artist: BAE, Jaclyn
Jaclyn Bae was born in Paju, Korea, a town located near Seoul.  In 1993, she moved to Chicago in the United States. Jaclyn had her college degree in US as Bachelor in Fine Arts at NIU on 2014. She is a contemporary talented Korean artists living in US and Art Center Miami is proud to introduce her to SOAF as a guest artist. Her artworks are focused on the relationships between two different cultures, the East and West, such as a harmony of the Korean traditional culture and the Western culture

Art Center Miami's Artists exhibiting in Liege:
Ana Carolina Moreno, Billy Monsalve, Carlos Tirado, Eduardo Sanabria, Gonzalo Sanchez, Millie Pochet, Tina Pascual


February to November 2015  Shanghai
Participating Artists
Carlos Tirado,Ingrid Block,Katsumi Zarich,
Gonzalo Sanchez,Ana Carolina Moreno
Crossover Art in Shanghai Manabe
People Rebublic of China
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August – 19th  Beijing Intl Art Exhibition Date TBA Beijing Exhibition Center located at 135 Xi Zhi Men Wai Street, Beijing - China. 
November - Shanghai Art Fair 2016 Date TBA at Shanghai Mart, Shanghai
P.R. of China

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